The Power of Osint

Nowadays, the issue when conducting research is not necessarily the shortage of valuable information, but rather the abundance of useless information. Accessible databases are so large that, with the incorrect search behaviour, it is a challenge to find the right piece of information. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge about the structure of the information landscape may even result in one missing the correct database in the first place.

Open Source Intelligence was developed as a research methodology to make sense of the information jungle. OSINT is an integrated, collaborative methodology to retrieve a balanced, representative and validated set of the best possible information from open sources to - after careful scrutinization and analysis - produce actionable intelligence. Intelligence that can be used to support decision-makers in managing change. OSINT is used in preparation of peace-keeping missions, international conflict, security studies and market intelligence to explore new market opportunities. It is also used by law enforcement to find suspects, banks to vet new customers and many more.

OSINT is widely misunderstood as a bunch of technical tricks in support of cyber operations. In order to conduct a sound OSINT-analysis, one does not need to master technical skills like programming. Instead, in-depth knowledge of open sources, search systems and search languages are the minimum requirements for OSINT operations.

"Machine learning is only part of the solution, you need to empower human intelligence."

Arno Reuser

Triangular Group Intelligence value add

According to the law of large numbers, the immense amount of information that is available in open sources means that there has to be valuable information to find on any research project. At Triangular Group Intelligence we do not only have intelligence analysts with the skills to conduct sound OSINT-research, but we also partner with Arno Reuser. Mr. Reuser is the authority in the field of Open Source Intelligence as he was responsible for setting up the OSINT-branch of the Dutch military intelligence agency (MIVD) in the 1990s from the ground up. Please find his paper on OSINT.

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At Triangular Group Academy (TGA) we deliver different OSINT educational programs, from workshops to complete courses. Check out these courses: