Observing well requires a thorough and complete skill of the trade. Are you a novice observant? Or do you already perform observation work in service of law enforcement, municipalities or the Ministry of Defence but want to evolve your skillset? It is crucial for both beginning and advanced observers to continuously keep developing. TGI offers training in (covert) observation to both experience levels.

Expert guidance

Unique expertise because of a background in Dutch intelligence services

Proven Effectiveness

The course is tailored to the professional context, level of expertise, and requirements of participants

Recognized professional training

CRKBO and NRTO registered and recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Security

Unique in the field

Legitimated by Police & Personal Data Authority




Observation as a profession is often underestimated. People tend to think lightly about the difficulty of following a person. It often proves disappointing in practice, however. The preparatory work includes more than just making sure your car tank is full. Your work as an observer will be riddled with a broad spectrum of unexpected situations. There is nevertheless often only one chance to gather the proper evidence. The quality of this process is enormously important but is difficult to control. You must remain unseen, not lose sight of your target, and always keep track of your location.



An observer must perform many tasks simultaneously. You cannot lose sight of your target, but you do not want to be seen. You may have to work on foot or from a car while keeping an eye on traffic. In addition, your work requires clear communication with your colleagues. All this is in addition to collecting the proper evidence while being prepared for unexpected situations.

TGI is aware that the quality of the evidence you deliver is your professional calling card. Good results result in more work and grant opportunities for even more experience. TGI can give you the right tools to provide the best and most complete evidence as an observer.



- Private investigators;

- Military personnel;

- Social investigators;

- Security guards;

- Police officers.



Triangular Group is a training and knowledge institute aimed at (government) professionals within the security and resilience domain with extensive experience in the Dutch Special Forces, intelligence services and special police units. Founders Ray Klaassens and Onno van Boven are also known from the television program "I Spy" and "Kamp van Koningsbrugge". For more information, check out the about us page.

DPD-Academy is a training and knowledge institute aimed at the private sector. It is a subsidiary of the detective agency DPD-Consultancy and DePrivedetective and has extensive experience within Specialist Investigation Teams of the police, Social Investigation and since 2013 in the commercial sector. The owner Vanessa Middelkoop is also known from the television program “Op de vlucht” and “De Buit”. For more information, check out the about us page.

Our forces joined, and we established a 'new course'. By combining these specialities, the training is complete and suitable for all target groups. Quality is paramount for both parties.

After attending this course, you can rank yourself among the best observers in the Netherlands. 

Observation Training

Foundational Observation Training

  • 3-days of training;
  • Including lunch, drinks en snacks;

Heerle (Noord Brabant, The Netherlands).

Background in Special Forces and Dutch Intelligence Services.

Advanced Observation Training

  • 5 days of training;
  • Including lunch, drinks and snacks;

Heerle (Noord Brabant, The Netherlands).

Background in Special Forces and Dutch Intelligence Services.

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"Observing: the art of seeing, hearing, and feeling without drawing attention to yourself."

Observation Coach

Our clients say

"Has exceeded my expectations!"

Participant U2E

“Learned much in terms of methodology, but also about myself. Pleasant way of sharing knowledge, assignments, atmosphere, examples.”

Participant U2E

“The strongest aspect of the course was formed by the trainers in my opinion. People from the field that have mastered their knowledge and are considerate towards the prior knowledge of course-participants."

Participant U2E

“It is the combination of everything that makes the course so strong in its totality (method, teachers, theory, practical application, timing of the breaks, location, food, etc.)"

Participant U2E

"Thanks for the most interesting experience of the past years!"

Participant U2E

“It was great! It has given me a lot professionally! It is impossible to keep looking at things the same way."

Participant U2E

I have never followed such a nice training before! The variety was good, but especially the surroundings, the trainers and the other staff were super. It was also very nice that both Ray and Onno visited us and were genuinely interested in us. We were not just a number. For me, this week has really given me a lot. I have grown in knowledge, but also personally this training has brought me a lot.

Course participant, Observation training

"I very much enjoyed the course. The teacher was excellent! A very good instructor."

Cursist, OSINT Scout Course

"This should be mandatory training for everyone conducting internet-based research."

Cursist, OSINT Master Course

"This course has made me realise how amateurish my research methods have been. I wish I had this training 4 years ago! This has been the most practical/applicable training I have received so far."

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"Wow! Top training, really puts your mind to work."

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

"This course has been the most relevant to my day-to-day job that I have ever attended. I will use what I have learnt on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend this course to others!"

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course

Student Military Build-Up Program

The world contains two groups of people; the ones that are educated by Arno Reuser and the ones that aren't... and that's factual. Keep on teaching Arno!

Cursist, OSINT Pathfinder Course


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