The Triangular Way

The Triangular Way

Triangular Group Intelligence is a research- and advisory firm with roots in the Dutch intelligence- and security services. With unique capabilities and a great variety of methods, our seasoned in-house intelligence experts support clients worldwide with the most complex risk- and informational challenges. Our extensive network enables us to operate smoothly in volatile environments, and tailor carefully balanced action plans.
The Triangular Way is an all-source approach to any given challenge.

Why we do it

At TGI, we firmly believe that a privileged information position held by governments must be available to the private sector as well. By sharing our considerable knowledge and expertise, we aim to contribute to a safer business environment and greater prosperity in the private sector.

Our techniques

Our challenge is to ensure that all aspects of intelligence gathering influence and complement each other to create a holistic view. Or, in other words: to get triangulated. 

About us

Triangular Group Intelligence (TGI) B.V. is a boutique intelligence firm established by two former operatives of the Dutch Intelligence Services and Special Forces. Comprised of a core team of highly motivated analysts, coordinators, and subject matter experts, the team at TGI is highly tried and tested in the field of governmental and commercial intelligence. With access to a global network of over 40 specialists, we empower our clients by providing unique intelligence insights and tailored solutions to all matters of security and business challenges. At TGI, we live by our mission statement: "Our intelligence puts you in control."