About us

Triangular Group Intelligence (TGI) B.V. was founded in 2014 by two former operatives of the Dutch Special Forces and intelligence service. Its intelligence wing is led by a very skilled and professional chief of operations, supported by a team of analysts, coordinators and subject matter experts. All tried and tested in the field of governmental and commercial intelligence. TGI is based in a 300 years’ old farm in the south of The Netherlands and our Mission Statement is: “Our intelligence puts you in control.” 

"A few honest men are better than numbers” - George Orwell

Our sister company Triangular Group Academy is a market leader in the field of governmental training programmes regarding Intelligence and Tactical-Medical training.

In addition to Triangular Group, Ray and Onno established the foundation Commando & Family Support . Commando & Family Support (CFS) is committed to (former) colleagues from the field of Dutch Special Operations, whose personal situations need support.

What we do

Triangular Group Intelligence works in the field of Litigation SupportMarket Entry SupportExclusive Source Reporting and All-Source Stakeholder Mapping and provides answers to optimize your decision-making process based on exclusive insights. We put you in control through intelligent forecasting and stakeholder engagement.

Our services can be divided into four levels:

  • Indicate - Understanding and explaining the current situation
  • Forecast - Predict relevant developments or events
  • Influence Control/create developments or events
  • Act - Capitalizing your opportunities and solving your problems

How we do it

Triangular Group Intelligence features a unique mix of employees with an impressive track record within the Dutch intelligence services and Special Forces. Our human source and cyber specialists use their knowledge, expertise and networks to provide our clients with an optimal information position.

Our multi source teams create unique access to secret or private networks in challenging  environments around the globe. We use open source intelligence (OSINT), human sources (HUMINT) and Non-Source Intelligence. Our operational analysts turn the obtained into actionable intelligence and tailored courses of action.  

Why we do it

We strongly believe that the way a government builds a privileged information position must be available to the private sector. By sharing our expertise we contribute to a safer business environment and greater prosperity.

Our techniques

It is our challenge to let all aspects of intelligence gathering influence each other, to create that holistic view, to get triangulated.


Our work field

Operational deployment experience in more than two dozen frontier and developing countries around the world;