About us

Triangular Group Intelligence (TGI) B.V. is a boutique intelligence firm established by two former operatives of the Dutch Intelligence Services and Special Forces. Comprised of a core team of highly motivated analysts, coordinators and subject matter experts, our team at TGI are all tried and tested in governmental and commercial intelligence. With access to a global network of over 40 specialists, we empower our clients by providing unique intelligence insights and customised solutions to all manner of security and business challenges. At TGI, we live by our mission statement: “Our intelligence puts you in control.”

"A few honest men are better than numbers” - Oliver Cromwell

At TGI, we work closely with our sister company Triangular Group Academy (TGA). As a market leader in governmental training programmes regarding intelligence and tactical-Medical training, TGA has helped numerous clients prepare for real-life security challenges and contributed to a resilient society.

Through our foundation, the Commando & Family Foundation (CFF), Triangular Group provides a helping hand to (former) colleagues from the field of Dutch Special Operations whose personal situations may require assistance or support.

What we do

At TGI, we work in Litigation Support, Market Entry Support, Exclusive Source Reporting, All-Source Stakeholder Mapping, Expert Open Source Intelligence Research and Intelligence courses. We provide answers based on exclusive insights that optimize your decision-making processes.

We put you in control through intelligent forecasting and stakeholder engagement. Our services can be divided into four levels:

  • Indicate - Understand and explain the current situation
  • Forecast - Predict relevant developments or events
  • Influence - Control/create developments or events
  • Act - Capitalize on opportunities and solve problems

How we do it

Our team at TGI is made up of a unique mix of employees, all of whom have extensive expertise within the Dutch Intelligence Services and Special Forces. Our specialists use their knowledge, expertise and networks to provide our clients with an optimal information position. Experts in creating unique access to secret and private networks in a wide range of challenging environments around the globe, our team uses a combination of open-source intelligence (OSINT), human sources (HUMINT) and non-source operations to fit the needs of each client. This data is then turned into actionable intelligence and tailored courses of action. 

Why we do it

At TGI, we firmly believe that the knowledge and expertise typically controlled by governmental intelligence and security agencies should be available to the private sector. Building on our inside experience and extensive networks, we aim to contribute to developing a safer business environment and seek to maximize opportunities for the private sector.

Our techniques

Our intelligence collection and analysis processes utilize a cohesive and comprehensive approach to create a holistic picture. All elements come together to get triangulated.

Our field of operations

Operational deployment experience in more than two dozen frontiers and developing countries around the world;