Litigation Support

Legal claims are a significant source of risk. They not only require serious investment from your firm or company but, in larger, more complex cases—where strategic oversight can be easily lost—may see threats emerge from unsuspected quarters. The intelligence process within legal case management provides a solution. Providing additional support to the legal team can help strengthen your claim by identifying and managing the proper witnesses, weakening adversarial claims by laying bare their plan de campagne, or providing assurance and protection to involved parties. As such, good intelligence can be the difference between the success or failure of a legal process and protecting the trust and wellbeing of your team.

Litigation Support

Types of operations

TGI has considerable experience with this aspect of complex legal environments and has a proven track record with several high-profile international cases. 'Intelligence-based Litigation - Putting Truth Back in Control'.

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Witness Identification

The identification and recruitment of the proper witnesses, finding proof of legal misconduct, and verifying witness claims are activities that lie somewhat out of a lawyer’s regular scope of operations. They are, however, essential to the success of a case. At TGI, we can strengthen your position in settlement negotiations and court by ensuring hostile practices are kept at bay and bringing new angles to light that may clarify your claim. In addition, we provide an edge in the search for witnesses in hard-to-reach places and know how to uncover and counter attempts by hostile parties to disrupt your case through covert means. Our unique blend of intelligence and security is what keeps you in control.

Intelligence Gathering

Improving your information position through (human) intelligence allows you to acquire a superior vantage point from which you can oversee the legal landscape and discover hidden opportunities and threats. At TGI, we can acquire that particular bit of information you need to give you an edge and bring your case to a successful close. To this end, we offer tailor-made, in-depth investigation into any entity and individual of interest to you. We work 24/7, worldwide.

Case Support (Concierge services)

TGI offers professional and multi-faceted opportunities in the management and security of witnesses, even in difficult to reach places. Our concierge services facilitate communication and coordination of core stakeholders involved in your case and keep legal advisors, witnesses, and others supportive of your case secure, well-informed, and within reach.

Our approach

Level of Impact


The first step in our approach is ‘indicate’.  This step has the lowest level of impact. The act of indicating entails pointing out why something has happened. To save both time and effort later on, it is important to start with the indicate step. The indicate step allows the formulation of well thought out strategies and is thus able to prevent common mistakes. At TGI, our specific approach entails mapping out the relevant playing field so that our client knows exactly who is responsible for what and who they should approach. The indicate step explains why something has happened or why someone has done something. At TGI, we are able to use our expertise in a variety of methods, from OSINT to HUMINT, to explain a particular phenomenon. The exact methodology undertaken depends on the needs and wishes of the client. A sound explanation of the past is a precondition for an adequate approach to the future.


The second step in our approach is ‘forecast’. Building on the first step, its impact is higher than that of ‘indicate’ as approaches to the future are based on forecasts. Without careful consideration, unfounded gambles can quickly turn into expansive mistakes. However, on the flip side, inaction will always put you behind the competition where you might miss attractive opportunities. This dilemma can be solved by basing forecasts on solid, up-to-date intelligence. At TGI we have the expertise and methods to construct high quality forecasts on a wide range of issues. In the forecast step we extensively analyse the results from the indicate step to determine the most likely course of action and worst-case scenarios. This allows you to capitalise on rewarding opportunities whilst being prepared for any threats to your business. An adequate understanding of the future takes away uncertainty and puts you in control.


‘Influence’ is the third step in the TGI approach and has an even greater impact than ‘forecast’. Whereas the previous two steps are intellectual, influencing involves the exercising of power on another actor to change his or her conviction on a certain topic and/or planned course of action regardless of whether the other actor knows that it is being influenced or not. The right influence simultaneously increases opportunities and reduces threats. At TGI, the ‘influence’ step predicts the positions of certain actors and provides an indication of what has happened to determine how best to influence those actors. This means that we combine our research and analytical capabilities with our extensive network of influential people to create a new development or event and/or to steer an existing development in the desired direction. TGI can influence the right actors or developments to put you in control.


The final step in the TGI approach is ‘act’. This has the greatest impact of all four steps. This step is last because it depends on a sound explanation of the past and an adequate prediction of the future. Furthermore, it is also not possible to act on a development or opportunity that has not yet been created. Acts are most effective if they are carried out with full determination and the right combination of capabilities. Tt TGI we meet both requirements. The ‘act’ step is what TGI’s approach is all about. The three previous steps have been building up to, and laying the foundation for, this last step. At this point we have explained a development in the ‘indicate’ step, we have predicted the most likely course of action and the worst-case scenario in the ‘forecast’ step and we have created the right developments in the ‘influence’ step. It is now time to capitalise on the opportunities created and have intelligence put you in control.

"The safety of people shall be the highest law."

Marcus Tullius Cicero